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Rachael Kiddey is Teaching Associate in Heritage Studies at the University of Cambridge. She is also involved in a range of international research projects using archaeological and heritage methodologies to better understand global human displacement.

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Twitter: @rachaelkiddey
Email: rk716 @

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by Rachael Kiddey

What is Contemporary Archaeology?

Rachael Kiddey
“Contemporary Archaeology! Isn’t that an oxymoron?” This is the most familiar response when I tell people that I am an...

Like a Rolling Stone

Rachael Kiddey
It is August and we are in Torquay, Devon. We are on a family outing and it’s pouring with rain...

Anxieties of a Post-PhD

Rachael Kiddey
I count myself among a social group that is rapidly rising across the world. We are a nervous bunch who...
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