mutual aid & solidarity


There are two crowdfunds which are open. These are: 1) Black Trowel Collective and 2) a Syrian family who are facing homelessness in Athens.

Black Trowel Collective

The Black Trowel Collective provides microgrants from $5 to $300 (or £ or €) to archaeology graduate and undergraduate students who need it. Due to the horrifying pandemic conditions in India, Brazil, and Turkey, we are currently prioritising students from these places. If you or someone you know needs some additional assistance to help with COVID relief, please reach out at


Syrian family facing homelessness in Athens

Please click here for more information and to donate.


Solidarity & Mutual Aid

Rachael is keen to offer support to First-Generation/indigenous/Global South applicants hoping to study archaeology or cultural heritage related courses at any university. She is happy to provide free advice and tutoring in how to prepare applications for grants or funded university places. Please get in touch by email rachael.kiddey [@] to start a conversation.

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