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Author Rachael Kiddey of book title Homeless Heritage


Kiddey, R. (2017) Homeless Heritage: collaborative social archaeology as therapeutic practice, Oxford University Press

Comic by Mats Brate



Kiddey, Rachael & Caraher, William (eds), (2023). Archaeology as Festival: virtual wanderings through festivalCHAT during Covid-19, edited volume for the Contemporary and Historical Archaeological Theory (CHAT) book series, Oxford, BAR Publishing. Available here


Jeffrey H. Altschul, Keith W. Kintigh Mark Aldenderfer, Elise Alonzie, Ian Armit Juan Antonio Barcelo, Christopher S. Beekman, Penny Bickle, Douglas W. Bird, Scott E. Ingram, Elena Isayev, Andrew W. Kandell, Rachael Kiddey, Helène Timpoko Kienon-Kabore, Franco Niccoluccio, Corey S. Ragsdale, Beth K. Scaffidi, and Scott G. Ortman, (2020) ‘To understand how migrations affect human securities, look to the past’,

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Kiddey, R. Reluctant Refuge: An Activist Archaeological Approach to Alternative Refugee Shelter in Athens (Greece). Journal of Refugee Studies.


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Kiddey, Rachael. From the ground up: cultural heritage practices as
tools for empowerment in the Homeless Heritage project, International Journal of Heritage Studies, DOI: 10.1080/13527258.2016.1274669

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